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HIL versus HIL & RSWT: Pain and Patient Satisfaction Evaluation of 100 Patients

Stefan Guiloff Paradiz, Leonardo Guiloff Waissbluth, Manuel BraƱes Aroca

Clinica Arauco Salud

Santiago, Chile

Patient satisfaction reached 90 %


In this study we want to evaluate 100 patients with chronic tendon and bone pathologies treated with one or both therapies.


91 patients were treated with HIL and 9 with HIL and RSWT. We evaluate pain and patient satisfaction prospectively after 5 sessions HIL. The same parameters were assessed in patients with combined therapy after 5 sessions HIL and 3 sessions RSWT.

Study results: 

Pain relief average was 68.6% and patient satisfaction average 89.8% in patients treated only with HIL. Pain relief was 41% and patient satisfaction 85.7% in combined treatment.


This is a preliminary clinical study to evaluate only subjective parameters, without excluding other therapies that patients were doing when they started these treatments. We did not separate pathologies one by one, so with these findings we can only have a general vision of the use of these therapies. We need another objective research (clinical and histhological), with control group, also animal research, to confirm these findings.


We conclude that both therapies were helpful in pain relief and also patient satisfaction. Further studies will be necessary, separating by pathologies, including samples for histological study in tissues treated with one or both techniques, that must be analysed in the laboratory, to confirm these results.


18th International Congress of the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment, 2015


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