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July 14–16, 2016

ISMST 2016
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

19th International Congress of the ISMST 2016

Scientific Congress

The Congress of the ISMST is the official Annual Meeting of international shockwave therapists, scientists and medical companies. The aim is a knowledge exchange in the field of medical shockwave treatment. During 3 days, scientific research results and clinical studies are laid out in individual presentations, expressing the author's conclusions as a result of their work in universities, laboratories, clinics and practices.

The presentations comprise different topics:

  • Basic research (cell and animal level)
  • Clinical studies of the standard indications and empirically tested clinical uses (tendinopathies, bone and skin lesions, myofascial syndromes)
  • Clinical studies of exceptional and experimental indications (erectile dysfunction, heart, nerve  tissue, cartilage etc.)
  • Case reports
  • New treatment modalities
  • New technical evolutions of the devices

At the end of the congress experts will summarize and evaluate the presentations. 
The abstracts are published online.
The congress language will be English.  

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