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Predrag Jovicic

Predrag Jovicic, physiotherapist. VIP Physics


In my professional practice I use BTL units. During my career I saw many different conditions and traumas of locomotor system, either musculo-ligamentous system or trauma to the skeletal system, in different stages. Using the BTL units in a proper way allows me to rehabilitate athletes and regular people in a very short period of time so they can return to their courts, arenas and everyday activities.


As a therapist I am contracted by the Olympic Committee of Serbia (OCS) for every event organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Besides this, I‘m part of therapeutic teams of many national selections in various sports such as volleyball, handball, table tennis, taekwondo and shooting. Among my professional duty as to the sport associations and the OCS, I have a private practice. I focus on sports traumatology.

Proper combination of different physical modalities such as BTL Shockwave therapy and High Intensity Laser therapy gives excellent results in both acute and chronic conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

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